Hugh Milsom Photography

Hugh Milsom

Hugh Milsom is an accomplished photographer, writer and lecturer specialising in fine art monochrome, infrared and colour landscape photography.

In common with many landscape photographers, he enjoys the feeling of space and solitude that the landscape offers.

His work ranges from the wide open landscape to the close up detail of the intimate landscape. His images vary from being dark and dramatic to studies of great refinement and delicacy but there is always a mood and a sense of space and loneliness. The mood comes from his empathy with the landscape and an understanding of the way that light and colour, tone and contrast can affect our emotional reaction.

He has a strong sense of design and composition and blends this with careful control of tone or colour to produce moody images that stir the emotions. He is also a keen observer. His studies of the intimate landscape show his fascination for intricate colours, shapes and patterns which are given his personal interpretation as Nature's metaphors.

He is the author of four books with his latest "A Retrospective View' due for publication in the summer of 2015. Refer to Information Section for details.