I have now published three books:

EARTHSONG: ISBN 1-873319-19-3

My first book, 'Earthsong' was published by Creative Monochrome and consists of a collection of monochrome images with verse by Adrian Machon. It is now out of print but can be obtained as used copies via a number of internet sites.

It is a hardback book containing 126 pages and approximately 70 images. Some of the images are shown in the 'Classic Monochrome' Gallery.


My second book, published in 2001 is a comprehensive guide which took out the mystery surrounding the use of Infrared film and many people still regard this book as their 'bible'. Many photographers have now converted their digital cameras to record only infrared radiation and are producing excellent results - although not having quite the same characteristics as Kodak HIE infrared film. Perhaps the sections on film characteristics are not as relevant as when the book was published but it is still a book worthy of your bookshelf. From it you will gain an understanding of the nature of infrared photography, the best kind of weather conditions and the best type of subjects to look for.

This softback contains 176 pages, full of instructional text and has portfolios from seven leading workers in the medium.

I do not now have any further copies for sale sometimes second hand copies may be obtained from Amazon.

MOOD and COLOUR: ISBN 978-0-9556747-0-9

I self published my third book in 2007. This book covers my colour work up to this date, and features images from my travels around the UK and Ireland over a period of about 9 years. Many of the images are featured in the galleries of colour images on this website.

This softback contains 96 pages of which eight pages are devoted to text describing the photographic techniques that I use. The remaining pages contain approximately 120 images.

The entire print run has now been sold - however you may be able to find used copies via Amazon.


This is my latest book published in August 2015. This softback contains 108 pages and contain some of my favourite images from my 50 years in photography. I have included fiilm based monochrome images from as far back as 1968 through to 2003 and both colour and monochrome digital images right up until 2015. Although some of the images were included in my previous books, around two thirds of the images have not been previously published.

To see more details of the book, including a representative sample of some of the pages - please refer to

Price structure is as follows:

Direct Sales from camera clubs etc. £15

Online Sales £20 including P&P